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Join the FTAO's Online Reading Club!

Updated: Jan 15

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) has an online reading club. The club is open to all persons involved and interested in the Fair Trade movement and it is an opportunity to discuss Fair Trade classics and a current analysis of the Fair Trade movement and market.

It consists of regular (every two months or so) informal conference calls, where we discuss a previously-agreed reading (article, new publication, etc). The participants take part in the club in a personal capacity (not representing an organisation or institution), under Chatham House rules.

The next reading document (article, book, report, etc) will be decided at the end of the previous conference call. Readings and meetings are in English. The meetings are organized and chaired by Magdalena Śliwińska, with the support of Ester Tóth. For information on what the club will be reading next, or if you have any questions or topic suggestions for future discussions, contact Magdalena at and/or Eszter at

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