Fair Trade International Symposium

The Fair Trade International Symposium (FTIS) is the leading global gathering for scholars, practitioners and policymakers working on Fair Trade.

The FTIS takes the form of a regular, large-scale conference event that gathers interested parties from all across the world in order to showcase the latest and highest quality research undertaken in the area of 'Fair Trade'. It aims to bring together both the world’s leading and newly emerging academic researchers, along with practitioners, policymakers and the general public, for the development and consolidation of collective knowledge on the subject of Fair Trade.  

The FTIS is an initiative of scholars interested in Fair Trade and Fair Trade practitioners representing the main Fair Trade institutions including the World Fair Trade Organization, Fairtrade International, with the support of the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

The FTIS process is steered by a group representing Fair Trade academic networks and the above mentioned Fair Trade movement organisations.

Each edition of the Symposium is organised by a Scientific Committee, composed of appointed academics by the host Institution, and a Steering Group. 

Past editions


The past editions of the Fair Trade International Symposia took place in:


Next editions


San Cristóbal de las Casas (Chiapas, México) will host the next edition of the Fair Trade International Symposium in the week of 8 June 2020. Read more here: www.ecosur.mx/ftis2020

The host of the 2022 edition will be the University of Leeds (UK).

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